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The Edge of Network

Built upon seven years of experience in international organizations and non-profits and involving tens of thousands of people, the principles of the edge of network will make you more successful in your collaboration work.

* Reach beyond the edge.

What is it?

It's a set of rules leading to successful collaboration projects in international development. The Edge is a map for non-IT people to navigate virtual collaboration territory. 

Keys to Success

It's about simplicity and ownership. About getting technology out of the way of real communication. It's about using what we already know to improve the way we work. 

How to Apply?

Edge of network principles apply to organizations and individuals wanting to engage in two-way conversations with actors in international development. 

Start Today

Apply the edge of network principles to your work today. Use proven, free collaboration tools and techniques that let you focus on your work and not the technology. 

* Reach beyond the edge.
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